Choose one mannequin head to display various kinds of or ornament accessories.

Choose one mannequin head to display various kinds of or ornament accessories.

Mannequin and Clothing display props industry always has been an industry that has limited accessories to do with art in the past old society.


But Today, DE-LIANG is to be a professional display props model industry creator and caster, we cooperate with many fashion designers, luxury brand company to jointly complete a variety of creative and interesting props for new reasons. In the fashion industry has contributed our own and small power and effort for the fashion world.


Independent Innovation is the next future of DE-LIANG.


Without innovation, there will be no future. Blindly doing traditional model display props can no longer fully meet the young people’s mind, in order to suit rapid market and the taste of young consumer buyer.

The fashion luxury company at the top part of the world now focus on different color fashion design. Colorful display props are more in line with the fun-loving and trend-loving psychology of new designers in 2022 and young people today.


Therefore, this year we DE-LIANG launched a colorful display props for window display-COLORFUL HEAD MANNEQUIN

Fabric: Imported Korean Silk Velvet, Comfortable and Charming


Base: With Detachable round velvt base, when we remove it, we can change it to the metal adjustable height golden round base.


Color: Rose Red/Sky Blue/Apple Green/ Lemon Yellow/Live Orange


Material: Foam, Not Fiberglass, So it can fully pinnable, also good for pattern draping when make hat blocker.


Usage: See more display photo for recommend


Business and Art are the Next Future.

It is sold, retail and wholesale all over the world to meet the needs of individual designers and consumers. In the leap from traditional beauty to "light art", there is no need to consume higher costs. You can buy high-quality and inexpensive display props in DE-LIANG, why not?


Good display mannequin always have good feedback:



DE-LIANG is one of a very professional mannequin manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China.

With over 10 years working experience, we have 100 workers for production. 3 designers, and 6 sales.

Caters to customer demands by ensuring timely delivery and providing exceptional service.


 Their cooperate brand customers always come from top and first class luxury worldwide brand company, such as jimmy choo, cavalli roberto, ck, coach, LV, etc...

OK, So We always consider quality is our first choice, and it’s not only quality but also company budget and location,delivery time, supplier’s customer service, and so on.



For more information, pls check our website:








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