DL802 Green Dress Form Full Pinable Jewelry Display Half Scale Mannequin Dressmaker Dummy

DL802 Green Dress Form Full Pinable Jewelry Display Half Scale Mannequin Dressmaker Dummy


Dear Sir or Madam, how are you? we hope u are well ,we fully understand your pressure when choosing dress form. Because there are so many elements to consider. All elements such as material, size,function,application, and multi-choice can be a difficult task for all people. But calm down. In our blogs we will share some useful and specific information with you. Follow us to learn more about dress form. Today, we’re going to share a few useful and specific information about DL802 dress form to help you know our product.

The following picture is today we plan to introduce the style


Product Name : Dress Form or Half Scale Mannequin

or 1/2 Mannequin or Dummy or Dressmaker Dummy

Product Number: DL802

Color: Green

Material: Foam

Function: Full Pinable,Store Display ,Jewelry Display,Window Display

Application: Jewelry Store,Window Display,Clothes Store,Ornament Store,

Fashion School,Clothing School,Design School,Boutique Store and so on.

This is dress form size picture:   


Size: Height: 40 cm                      

Total Height: 57.5 cm

Shoulder Width:15.5cm 

Bust: 39.5 cm                                 

Waist: 28.5 cm


Base Diameter:12.5cm


This is dress form Consist Picture:

 Consist: Mannequin Form






This is dress form application picture:



  1. Exquisite Shape : Compare with other normal dress form,this product shape is very exquisite .
  2. Multi-function: Compare with other normal dress form,the material is foam,can fully pinable,also can display any ornament and jewelry and so on,also can be used for store display,jewelry display and window display and so on
  3. Multi-color: Compare with other normal dress form color,this product color is different and stunning.
  4. Unique Base:Compare with other normal dress form base,our base material is wooden base,our base material also is premium wooden material.


In Conclusion,this is we want to introduce to u full and specific information about this product and why u need to choose us reason,welcome everybody to know this product and choose this product,thanks.


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