Luxury Mannequin Full Body, DE-LIANG Female Dress Form Torso With Black Wooden Arms, Upper Body Velvet Linen and Painting Brown Leg,1 Piece

Luxury Mannequin Full Body, DE-LIANG Female Dress Form Torso With Black Wooden Arms, Upper Body Velvet Linen and Painting Brown Leg,1 Piece

🔴DE-LIANG 2024 newest female full body display mannequin for dress coat and trouser pant display.

🔴As you can see, There are 3 styles in the listing, i like the champaign gold velvet mannequin very much, as this dress form mannequin is handmade, and upper body bust part is wrapped the luxury champaign gold velvet, it look very high end fashion, moreover, the bottom leg is pray painting brown color , fiberglass material, smooth and quality surface. with the detachable egg head and quality beech wooden arms. 

🔴the base we choose to make it golden round base, as we have many luxury brand customer order the bulk order is using the same quality and same finish, it is go match with luxury store which not only sales for clothes but also some Collectibles, paintings, antiques, High-end furniture, household goods store like this design so much. 

👍As using this style mannequin to display on the above store or decorate under the beautiful lighting, it's really gorgeous and fantastic image!!

👍The other two styles are same fabric material, it's cotton linen, middle one is black flower and the right one is purple flower, also very unique design and bottom leg make the same painting brown, with detachabe wooden arms. the arms is also beech wood, and the quality arms with spring accessories look difference.

👍you can not find this mannequin from eleswhere, chose this mannequin for your window display. Make it wonderful and help your work well with your design.

👍If you can dream it, we can do it. With endless possibilities comes endless imagination. Let us bring your story to life.

🔴i think this is what DE-LIANG's aim, help the market and help more clients to have a difference and special mannequin for dress clothes trouse pants shorts display.

let's see  the size as eblow:

Product Details:

🔴Item Number: DL980-FE  Female full body display mannequin

Head Vertical:54.5cm, 
Total Height 189cm(about)
(display mannequin will have +-0.5cm as without the cotton already)

🔴Color1: champaign gold velvet

🔴Color2: Black Flower Cotton Linen

🔴Color2: Purple Flower Cotton Linen

🔴Base:High Quality Golden Round Base

🔴Material: Fiberlgass for body, Beech Wood for Arm, Stainless Metal for Base

🔴Arm:With Wood Arms brush brown black color, high quality beech wood material


👍This female half body mannequin with metal base is our  a very fashionable new product,musk skin velvet cloth,high-grade atmosphere.

👍You can use it to display your products in a window, on a counter, on a tiered display shelf, or on the floor. Ideal for sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, tops and accessories.

👍 sturdy weight and easy to move,it is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

👍The metal base is durable enough to serve longer time and strongly support the whole mannequin.

👍Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.

👍Dressmaker approved, 100% handmade - This fabric cover created by the most experienced dressmaker, and hand picked the soft and durable velvet. It is an aesthetic piece that compliments your most fashionable projects, great for showcase the apparels in retail stores, accessories and jewelries. Easy to replace and change, and machine washable.


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