Show Different Beauty----DeLiang New Mannequin

Show Different Beauty----DeLiang New Mannequin

There are many kinds of beauty, and the meanings they contain are also very different. The meanings contained include static beauty, dynamic beauty, rational and emotional beauty. But there is a kind of beauty that you never expect to be displayed with a human torso model. A piece of clothing can be perfectly reflected by using a simple bracket.

This is our latest female half body manneuqin for Deliang 2023, you can see this one is a customize style product. The difference between this link and our another linen mannequin is the arms. Our mannequins of this link have patchwork arms which can be detached to two parts,one part is fiberglass arm,another part is nature wooden arm. More morden and fashion style!


    Female Half Body Mannequin in Short Legs Style 
         Body Height:96cm(38inch)
         Adjustable Height:176-247cm(69.2-97.2inch)
         Head Circle:51.5cm(20.3inch)
         Shoulder Width:34.5cm(13.5inch)
  • High quality material and fabric,you can use it for a long time.
  • Flexible arms and fingers,you can make a posture you like.
  • Competitive price and after-sale service in 24 hours time
  • Easy to install and ready to move

Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.You can match any style of clothes and control different styles. It can be placed in the most conspicuous place of the store, and it may attract a lot of attention.


DE-LIANG is one of a very professional mannequin manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China.

With over 10 years working experience, we have 100 workers for production. 3 designers, and 6 sales.

Caters to customer demands by ensuring timely delivery and providing exceptional service.

Their cooperate brand customers always come from top and first class luxury worldwide brand company, such as jimmy choo, cavalli roberto, ck, coach, LV, etc...

Show the different beauty of models. Deliang mannequin are the beauty that you never imagined to show with human torso models. Deliang mannequin use superb technology to combine fashion and innovation. DE-LIANG is to be a professional display props model industry creator and caster, we cooperate with many fashion designers, luxury brand company to jointly complete a variety of creative and interesting props for new reasons. In the fashion industry has contributed our own and small power and effort for the fashion world.

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