What Kind of Display Mannequin Are More Fashion In 2022?

What Kind of Display Mannequin Are More Fashion In 2022?


As we all know that Window Displays are very important element of a store’s overall visual merchandising scheme. They are the first point of eye view between a brand and customers , fashion apparel or all store boss are put their biggest effort to make a difference and fashion window display. So choosing a better and newest display props such as display mannequin is our first consideration items.


May be you will ask, where shall we buy the newest and good quality display mannequin?

The answer is in DE-LIANG.

Website: https://deliangdressforms.com/

DE-LIANG is one of a very professional mannequin manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China.

With over 10 years working experience, we have 100 workers for production. 3 designers, and 6 sales.

Caters to customer demands by ensuring timely delivery and providing exceptional service.

Their cooperate brand customers always come from top and first class luxury worldwide brand company, such as jimmy choo, cavalli roberto, ck, coach, LV, etc...

OK, So We always consider quality is our first choice, and it’s not only quality but also company budget and location,delivery time, supplier’s customer service, and so on.


The newest and most fashion female velvet display mannequin is wrapping the Korean imported luxury velvet fabric , which is very comfortable. Color Rose red with Colored rose red wooden arms, sky blue silk velvet fabric mannequin with sky blue wooden arms, the formation of a unique tone, so that your window display are look more fashion and unique, once people consumer going through your store, your difference mannequin wearing the various kinds of dresses will definitely to catch attract buyer’s shopping eyes.


High-End flannelette display mannequin model. Colorful velvet display dress form with wooden arms.

wooden arms are more traditional, as well as very classic and durable. As it’s compare with normal wooden arms is simple and dumb,picture as below:


Luxury brand mannequin always using high-grade 360 degrees rotate wooden arms, it can make difference posture:


Customer feedback:

PURCHASING LINK: https://deliangdressforms.com/collections/female-display-mannequin/products/luxury-adult-female-full-body-mannequin-half-body-velvet-fabric-display-model-props-women-flat-shoulder-dress-form-torso-for-clothing-store




PURCHASING LINK:https://deliangdressforms.com/collections/female-display-mannequin/products/luxury-half-body-female-velvet-mannequin-colorful-wig-for-women-clothes-boutique-display-manikin-torso-with-wooden-arms-dress-form-model



And this beautifully decorated dress form was positioned beside the photo from our customer:


For more ideas like this, or want to buy the same mannequin, visit our selling website:https://deliangdressforms.com/













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