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DE-LIANG Size 8 Half scale dress form,DL262 mini sewing tailor fitting mannequin dressmaker dummy, female 1/2 miniature Scale couture, NOT ADULT SIZE drap

DE-LIANG Size 8 Half scale dress form,DL262 mini sewing tailor fitting mannequin dressmaker dummy, female 1/2 miniature Scale couture, NOT ADULT SIZE drap

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This is not adult full size, only 1/2 of the adult size, half scale means adult bust size 92 cm, the half scale 1/2 1:2 is 46 cm!!

Deliang Dress from De Liang Tailor Sewing Mannequin Fiberglass Dressmaker Clothing Design Female Half Scale 1/2 Beige 1 pcs

Product Details:

1. Size:It is perfect for various types of garments.

👍Size 8: shoulder 19.5 cm, Bust 44.5 cm, Waist 35 cm, Hip 46.5 cm, Body Height 44.5-45 cm

👍Size 10: Shoulder 20.5 cm, Bust 46.5 cm, Waist 36 cm, Hip 48 cm, Body Height 46.5 cm

👍SIZE for soft arms: 30 cm length.arm girth 13.5 cm, elbow 12 cm, wrist 9.5 cm
2.Material: Fiberglass, Cotton, Fabric

3.It's can pinnable, but not fully, as it's fiberglass, it can pin at an angle.

4.ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - The height of the metal Round Base is adjustable by turning screw from approximately 18.3 inch to 31.7 inch (metal base with black metal pole including the dummy’s body)

👍Advantage 1: Shoulder Cover we open our own mold for metal, so it will be no broken even for long shipment

👍Advantage 2: Neck Cover also made of metal plate, we open our own mold for it so that it also can protect during long term shipment as well as it is also a good neck cover.

👍Advantage 3: The body is cover full cotton, and then wrapping with the cotton linen fabric, so people touch it, the surface will be very comfortable. and good for tailor and draping.

👍Advantage 4: Metal Round base is steady and stronger one, heavy so it will be good for draping when designer use the form to pin the dress. actually our first design is 5 mm for the heavy base, but we think it's too heavy so make it lighter. 4 mm thickness. moreover, the base is also not easy pealling off as this is sand polish and plate instead of painting. so good quality.

👍Advantage 5: we found people always without a trouser half scale , and also they want plus size, such as 8-10-12-14-16-18-20, and XXL half scale size 20-18-16-14. now we also under open molding, just need some time.

👍Advantage 6: Use the strongest boxes to pack the goods.

👍Advantage 7: with good quality soft arms, you can bend it to similar human's arms shape

👍5.Designer and School Student who major in Fashion Design can use this lovely items to do the cutting, template, sewing, and make the new and small size apparel.

👍6.It can help people to save a lot of fabric material and sewing time compare of full size 1:1 adult garment, As we know before our cloth design come out perfectly and catch customer's eye will take many times, so do the test and see the style what we design again and again, change the color and design draft also can not avoided, designer's work will be complicated, Hence, i make this half scale mannequin, and change the black shoulder cap and neck cover, and use a good fitting fabric to cover it, hope can help more and more designer, hope this items can save designer's time.

-----------------Return Policy-----------------

Product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

Price not including tax fee, to Europe like Italy, UK, France, maybe cost 10-30€. charge by FEDEX ,DHL.

And the goods are shipped via DHL, UPS, FEDEX, 4PX express (customs clearance fees and taxes will not be included). When the goods arrive in the local country, some taxes and fees will be charged for customs clearance according to local national policies, which we cannot solve.

When the goods exceed 21kg, we will ship by air delivery (taxes and customs clearance fees are included)

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