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DL265 Half Scale dress form full body, US size 6 1/2 scale tailoring dummy,Sewing Dressmaker Mannequin with Detachable Arms

DL265 Half Scale dress form full body, US size 6 1/2 scale tailoring dummy,Sewing Dressmaker Mannequin with Detachable Arms

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This is not adult full size, only 1/2 of the adult size, half scale means adult bust size 88cm, the half scale 1/2 1:2 is 44cm!!

This is 1/2 size 6 US Mini 78cm Height only Female Half Scale Full Body Professional Tailor Dress Form Pinnable Sewing Dummy Fiberglass Mannequin!
The metal base is black color for shipment.

Promotion Date for the new product, we open the mould and make the new neck cap black metal cap, so that it can durable.

This is a new design, 3D molding and then open the mold by our local 3D factory. delivery to a couple days and ship it to the 3D factory and get back to our company, and test a again and again, and review it and check the size, after all, then open a fiberglass mold, at first time, we make it detachable waist, upper and bottom hip can departure, can save some delivery freight, but look not so good for without waist tape, so, we choose to full body with waist tape and pack into a 90cm boxes.

How  to select the perfect dress form?

-Item No.:DL265
Half scale 1:2 1/2 full body size 6 dressform, female

-Thigh29 cm

material: fiberglass

fabric: tailor cotton fabric

inside cover by elastic sponge, comfortable

With Black Metal Round Base/With Black Metal Round Base/With Black Metal Round Base/With Black Metal Round Base

This is a new items, under 3D printing and open fiberglass mould to make it.

Professional female full body halfscale 1:2 tailor dress form mannequin made of high quality fine cotton linen . heavy duty base. Right and Left arm attachment included.

--------------------Return Policy-----------------

Not acceptable return as it's good material items and we are sincere manufacturer

Designer and School Student who major in Fashion Design can use this lovely items to do the cutting, template, sewing, and make the new and small size apparel.

And the goods are shipped via DHL, UPS, FEDEX, 4PX express (customs clearance fees and taxes will not be included). When the goods arrive in the local country, some taxes and fees will be charged for customs clearance according to local national policies, which we cannot solve.

When the goods exceed 21kg, we will ship by air delivery (taxes and customs clearance fees are included)

Our packing also use strongest boxes, so all our shipment without any problem when customer received the mannequin.

Hope all design will be more popular in the market, help more and more fashion designer!

If you are a designer, we also welcome remain your good idear for new mannequin size and style. let's make a better mannequin from now on! :)

Fabric will be color tolerance, as the photo by computer have a little too white. Hope you don't mind! Perfect Items!

It can help people to save a lot of fabric material and sewing time compare of full size 1:1 adult garment, As we know before our cloth design come out perfectly and catch customer's eye will take many times, so do the test and see the style what we design again and again, change the color and design draft also can not avoided, designer's work will be complicated, Hence, i make this half scale mannequin, and change the black shoulder cap and neck cover, and use a good fitting fabric to cover it, hope can help more and more designer, hope this items can save designer's time.

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