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DE-LIANG Half scale mini dressform,DL803 fully pinnable tailor sewing pink velvet mannequin with wooden round base, not perfect but ok to draping sew

DE-LIANG Half scale mini dressform,DL803 fully pinnable tailor sewing pink velvet mannequin with wooden round base, not perfect but ok to draping sew

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This is half scale mini display mannequin, not adult full size, it's velvet wrapping dressmaker's dressform but use for window display will be more remarkable.

Special pink display mannnequin.

Fully pinnable!!

Miniature Female Jewelry Mannequin Pinnable Dress Form Display Set with Wooden Base and Neck Topper

Mannequin Dress Form 1/2 Size Fashion Design Mannequin

Make this pattern if you want a mini-mannequin


-Mannequin, Dress Form
-Good for fashion design
-Perfect for studio/home decoration
-Material: foam

Shoulder width22.5cm, Bust42.5cm, Waist33cm, Hip45cm, Height46cm, Total Height77.5cm

**The core of this dress form is made of high density polyurethane foam, cotton and wood and is capable to be directly pinned into.

This is Half scale Trouser mannequin that was well produced in durable Fiberglass/cotton/linen fabric. You may treat this as a regular size dummy since it is made proportionally reflecting to the regular size. There's not much large difference between the regular size dummy and this small scale dummy. This small one may even get your ideas to reality quicker than the regular one while you want to experience something unsure in a faster time manner. It's good for making mock up and brainstorming ideas. It saves up a lot of space and is portable for convenience.

As this is small desk form, so we also can give Children to make decoration, as well as we put it on the window shop for a decoration, it's aslo very traditional and classical visual enjoyment...
it's not only can do customize the clothing, but also can display your difference scarves and jewelry ring, button make it like a bar, you can put your special design to the bust to make a new image, or the neck for a small V ring (i have many old customer use it to a new dress use their own material to attract shop consumer's eye, so it's will absorbing more buyers from this nice fitting items . Change our mind and extend your potential, we will enjoy to using this wonderful min form.

The half scale is our new product for promotion today! Thank you for your Interested in our mini form! We will make many new Design Next Time!

▲ Important!!!

Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.

And the goods are shipped via DHL, UPS, FEDEX, 4PX express (customs clearance fees and taxes will not be included). When the goods arrive in the local country, some taxes and fees will be charged for customs clearance according to local national policies, which we cannot solve.

When the goods exceed 21kg, we will ship by air delivery (taxes and customs clearance fees are included)

P.S: You can collect our store, because we have updated many new models and issued many promotion items.

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This will be made just for you! Prep time varies.

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