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De-Liang Dress Forms

DE-LIANG Luxury Adult Female Full Body Mannequin,Half Body Velvet Fabric Display Torso Props,Velvet Mannequin for Clothing Store

DE-LIANG Luxury Adult Female Full Body Mannequin,Half Body Velvet Fabric Display Torso Props,Velvet Mannequin for Clothing Store

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This is Luxury Fashion Adult Female Velvet Full body/Half body/Sitting pose display mannequin for window cloth display usage. You can use it for your hat, luxury cloth, scarves, trouser display stand.

The wooden arms can detachable, the head can detachable. (The Wig, Hair and the Sunglasses Not Including) But if you really need, pls contact customer service, if you buy more pcs, we will send free of charge)

Product Details:

🔴Item 1---Full Body Sitting one (with arms/head/beach table)

👉 Size:Total height:155 cm(61 inch)/The square's length:30 cm(11.7 inch)/The square beach table's width:30 cm(11.7 inch)/The square beach table's height:60 cm(23.6 inch)

🔴Item 2---Full body Standing One (with arms/head/base)

👉 Size:Total height:185 cm(72.8 inch)/Head:54 cm(21.3 inch)/Shoulder width:37 cm(14.6 inch)/Bust:83 cm(32.7 inch)/Waist:59 cm(23.2 inch)/Hip:87 cm(34.2 inch)/Base's length:35
cm(13.7 inch)/base's width:35 cm(13.7 inch)

🔴Item 3---Half body Female Mannequin Torso (with arms/head/base)

👉 Size:Adjustable height:154-200 cm(60.6-78.7 inch)/Head:54 cm(21.3 inch)/Shoulder width:37 cm(14.6 inch)/Bust:82 cm(32.3 inch)/Waist:61 cm(24 inch)/Hip:88 cm(34.6
inch)/Model height:94 cm(37 inch)/Base height:120 cm(47.2 inch)/Base weight:3.6 kg

👉 Color: ① Lemon Yellow
② Vitality Orange
③ Grass Green
④ Sky Blue
⑤ Rose Red

👉 Materials:

1.Fabric: comfortable velvet cloth,high-grade atmosphere

2.Arm: Solid Wooden Arms with Color, Color Painting follow fabric. (pink color use pink wooden arms, Blue Velvet with Blue Wooden Arms)

3.Base: gold metal base for Half Body (Adjustable Stand satisfy various demands. You can use the clip to adjust the height.)

Base: Square metal base for full body, Stainless Steel Color.

Base: Square Fiberglass White Chair for Sitting Mannequin (Price Including )

👉More details:

1.Head cover dual-purpose,easy to install,firm and stable.

2. Arm interface,easy to hang,easy to install

3.Palm details,bionic joint design,flexible and convenient.

4.Leg interface,anti scratch design,360 degree adjust

5.Waist interface,flat edge,stable and seamless

6.Dual purpose metal base:1)Sole interface,stable and safe display, 2)Barefoot interface,meet the shoes series

👍This female half body mannequin with metal base is our a very fashionable new product,musk skin velvet cloth,high-grade atmosphere.

👍You can use it to display your products in a window, on a counter, on a tiered display shelf, or on the floor. Ideal for sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, tops and accessories.

👍Light weight and easy to move,it is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

👍The metal base is durable enough to serve longer time and strongly support the whole mannequin.

👍Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.

▲ Important!!!

Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

Some country will have tax fee, about 20USD, if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL, we losing a lot of money, tks.


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