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Luxury Wooden Mannequin Hand, Colorful Right Wooden Props Covering Velvet Mannequin Hand,Jewelry/Sunglass Display Wooden Mannequin Hand

Luxury Wooden Mannequin Hand, Colorful Right Wooden Props Covering Velvet Mannequin Hand,Jewelry/Sunglass Display Wooden Mannequin Hand

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Newly launched display products in 2024, the combination of solid wood and velvet brings different visual and tactile senses

We choose a velvet fabric that combine with the wood hand to create a visually striking look. For example, pair a deep navy velvet with a light oak wood hand for a modern and chic aesthetic.

Also we can experiment with different patterns on the velvet fabric, such as geometric shapes or floral prints, to add a unique touch to your wood hand. Patterns can bring personality and character to the overall design.

High quality luxury wooden hands mannequin, display arms for jewelry, headband, shoes, scarves, wedding ring, earring display.

Product details:

Series:Four Seasons Garden

Item name :wooden hand mannequin


SIZE 39CM---Tall Hand
Height:39 cm(15.38 inch)
Disc base width:10CM(3.9inch)

SIZE 30.5CM---Short Hand
Height:30.5 cm(12 inch)
Disc base width:10CM(3.9inch)

❤Material:Wood/Velvet Fabric

❤Color:Rose Red/Yellow/Green

❤Base: With Golden Round Base

❤Awaken your imagination during create time.Suitable for artists model, photography prop, animation, ornament, desk toy etc.

❤The hand is sectioned, and can be easily manipulated into countless poses

❤The hand model is made of high quality wood to ensure durability and longevity.

❤Add an extra layer of coziness by draping a velvet throw over the wood hand. This not only enhances the comfort factor but also adds a luxurious feel to the space.


1.A beautiful display for rings and jewelry in gay colour.

2.A great spot for your necklace, bracelet, ring display.

3.Hinged fingers and wrist allow for adjustment. Felted bottom prevents scratches.

4.Inject pops of vibrant colors on the velvet fabric to create a focal point in the room. Whether it's a bold red or a bright yellow, these pops of color can liven up the space.

5.This postable human hand is a great tool to learn how to draw and sketch. Can also be used as an attractive movable sculpture.

6.Embrace a vintage aesthetic by pairing a velvet fabric with intricate designs on the wood hand. This combination adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to the decor..

7.This wooden item is great for holding or displaying rings, chains and watches, along with other jewelry and fashion accessories.

8.For a sleek and sophisticated look, opt for a monochromatic color scheme with the velvet fabric and wood hand. This minimalist approach creates a cohesive and polished design.

Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

And the goods are shipped via DHL, UPS, FEDEX, 4PX express (customs clearance fees and taxes will not be included). When the goods arrive in the local country, some taxes and fees will be charged for customs clearance according to local national policies, which we cannot solve.

When the goods exceed 21kg, we will ship by air delivery (taxes and customs clearance fees are included)

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