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Sport Mannequin, female male full body running model for window display,yoga gymnasium phsical althletic field display stand, High Quality DL0074

Sport Mannequin, female male full body running model for window display,yoga gymnasium phsical althletic field display stand, High Quality DL0074

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Very High quality Mannequin Full Body Sports Mannequin Male/Female

The realistic mannequin is made of eco-friendly FRP, durable and lasting life. It brings you a real feeling and better match your clothing to display

Professional display models in the windows

------------------------Product Detail----------------------------------

.:Product Name:Sport Mannequin

.:Product ID:DL0074 series (A to I)

.:Material: Fiberglass

.:Color:The white is grayish (not completely white)

.:Arm:With Fiberglass Arms

.:Base:Silver Square Base


♦Shoulder Width:48(19 inch)--♦Bust:103CM (40.5 inch)--♦Waist:83.5CM(33inch)--♦Hip:99CM(39 inch)--♦Height:189CM(74.4 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:47(18.5 inch)--♦Bust:103CM (40.5 inch)--♦Waist:83.5CM(33inch)--♦Hip:98CM(38.5 inch)--♦Height:189CM(74.4 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:47(18.5 inch)--♦Bust:103CM (40.5 inch)--♦Waist:83CM(32.6inch)--♦Hip:99CM(39 inch)--♦Height:188CM(74 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:47(18.5 inch)--♦Bust:102CM (40.1 inch)--♦Waist:82CM(32.2inch)--♦Hip:100CM(39.4 inch)--♦Height:180CM(71 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:38(15 inch)--♦Bust:87.5CM (340.5 inch)--♦Waist:67.5CM(26.5inch)--♦Hip:93CM(37 inch)--♦Height:181CM(71.2 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:38(15 inch)--♦Bust:87CM (34.2 inch)--♦Waist:65.5CM(26inch)--♦Hip:90CM(35.4 inch)--♦Height:166CM(65.3 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:37(14.5 inch)--♦Bust:86CM (34 inch)--♦Waist:67CM(26.4inch)--♦Hip:88CM(35 inch)--♦Height:84CM(33.1 inch)

♦Shoulder Width:37(14.5 inch)--♦Bust:85.5CM (34 inch)--♦Waist:66.5CM(26.2inch)--♦Hip:88CM(35 inch)--♦Height:84CM(33.1inch)

♦Shoulder Width:37(14.5 inch)--♦Bust:87CM (34.2 inch)--♦Waist:65.5CM(26.2inch)--♦Hip:97CM(38.2 inch)--♦Height:160CM(63 inch)


.:Can be used in exhibitions, clothing shops, photography studios, shopping centers, sporting goods shops or painting offices. It is to meet the different needs for t-shirts, jackets, dresses, trousers, sportswear and accessories.

.:The running mannequin will surely attract people's eyes, it can show the sportswear well and make it full of realistic effect. Used in all sophisticated clothing shops..

.: The model base is made of strong and durable metal. The large rectangular chassis can effectively support realistic mannequins to ensure the stability and robustness of the human body.

.:Can support heavy objects, ready-to-wear, wedding dresses, furniture and decoration materials. Non-slip base, more stable. Avoid scratching the floor when moving the model.

.: The form of clothes can easily set and disassemble it without any tools. The human model's torso is lightweight, you can easily move it.


Some country will have tax fee, about 20USD, if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL, we losing a lot of money, tks.

Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)


If you have any questions please contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

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