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DE-LIANG is a Dress Form Brand that provides professional dressmakers and tailor’s forms. Half Scale Dress Form ,Established with the aim of providing high quality well-made and affordable products for Fashion Designers, Costumiers & Dress Makers.

All our dress forms are made using high quality fiberglass and are all hand finished in an off-white cotton canvas. Our measurements for all Forms male, female and children are based on international sizing and in particular with emphasis on International contemporary standards.

We're dedicated to serving online communities in providing quality mannequins, body forms, jewelry displays, hangers, packaging, and other store fixtures related items.

Our products are used by international fashion designers, universities and leading costumiers, we look forward to any enquiries about our product range.

For Universities, colleges and businesses you can email us directly with your request, DE-LIANG Will reply you as soon as possible!

Good customer service is bad customer service if it disappears after you have placed your order. That's why our quality service does not end with your order. Once you have placed your order with us, you will experience the same exceptional service you received before you placed your order. A tracking number is always available for you to track your order during its transit. If any product you order is not in stock, we will work extra hard to get your product back in stock. Rest assured that we would do everything we can to ensure that you are and will remain a happy, satisfied customer for years to come.

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