ABC Head Mannequin Series ---Design and Make Headbands Display by DE-LIANG

ABC Head Mannequin Series ---Design and Make Headbands Display by DE-LIANG

Every delicate woman has her own exclusive headband, so headbands are very popular in life. But how the store displays its own hair band is a skill.



So in this blog, I will share with you how to show your store's hair bands to attract more customers?

If you randomly place all the hair ties on a table or hang it on a display stand, it won't be able to display it in every way and it will look messy. So if you want to show your beautiful headband in all directions, you need a head mannequin to assist you.


How to choose a beautiful and used head mannequin? I want everyone to see the ABC head mannequin collection in DE-LIANG dress forms.


1.We used three different imported fabrics to make this head mannequin. The cloth surfaces are white-lace surface, linen fabric and flannel fabric. Although the inside is made of fiberglass, not fully pinable, but can pin in fabric.

2.And our head mannequins are all handmade, the quality is very good, 1:1 restores the size of a normal human head.

3.Show your hair to customers in an all-round way and attract more customers.


At the same time, our head mannequin can also be used as a perfect photo prop. You don't need live models at all to show off your headbands, and you can make fashion blockbusters even better than real people.


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Because of our head mannequin quality and delivery speed, we have attracted a lot of customers and gave us a lot of praise.This is something we are very proud of!!!

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DE-LIANG is one of the very professional mannequin display props manufacturer located in Shenzhen China. We engaging in Design and Production under the principle of the best Customer Service and Quality is our Top Priority. Over 10 years working experience with well-know clothing brand and luxury brands all over the world.  We already have many luxury brand customer today!!But I hope you will be one of our clients too, because I would be more than happy to serve you!


If you want to learn more,pls see our website:

There will definitely be unexpected surprises for you!!


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