Fiberglass Fashion Male Sport Mannequin Torso,Elbow,Arms,Waist And Hip Protector Props,Silver Mannequin Props for Athletic Brace Display

Fiberglass Fashion Male Sport Mannequin Torso,Elbow,Arms,Waist And Hip Protector Props,Silver Mannequin Props for Athletic Brace Display

The product is sport store male half body hip elbow waist pad display mannequin,the design are very modern and fashion, the mannequin style is suit for light luxury style,european and usa style and leisure style,use it to dress up your store can grab customer's attention,use it to dress up your window can make your window become more attractive and gorgeous,use it to dress up your works can present perfect display effect, also can use it to display your products in a window, on a counter, on a display shelf,on the trade show or on the floor,Ideal for suits, T-shirts, jackets, sportwear, swimwear,sleeves,coats,blouses,jackets, pants,trousers,clothing accessories,tops and bottoms.

Product Detail:


💕 Mannequin Color : Silver ;

💕Mannequin Material : Fiberglass;

👏2.Style :

💖Style A : Male Half Body ;

💖Style B : Mannequin Waist Form ;

💖Style C : Mannequin Elbow Form ;

💖Style D : Mannequin Hip Form .

👏3.Size :

💖Style A(Male Half Body) Size : Shoulder Width : 50 cm(20 inch),Bust : 98 cm(38.5 inch) ,Waist : 78cm(31 inch),Hip : 66cm(26 inch);

💖Style B(Waist Form)Size : Waist : 73cm(14.2 inch),Hip : 32cm(11 inch);

💖Style C (Elbow Form) Size : Arm Length : 58 cm(23 inch),Wrist : 18 cm(7.1 inch) ,Bottom : 36cm(14.2 inch),Elbow : 27cm(11 inch);

💖Style D (Hip Form) Size : Height : 35.5 cm(14 inch),Width : 29 cm(11.4 inch) ,Hip : 102cm(40.1 inch).

👏4. Advantages:

🔥1).The mannequin is made of high quality fiberglass materials, which have been carefully selected for their composition and reliability.Great for photography and display clothing and clothing accessories.

🔥2).Our mannequins are irreplaceable for home decor, sport store displays, presentation of various clothes and fashion pieces, or a model for one of the best photographs you could ever make. In fact, this beautiful piece of art can grace any space in your home, your bedroom, your bath, your dressing area, your craft room, your dining space or your entry way.

🔥3).Exquisite craftsmanship, selected materials,Elegant standing pose ,glossy silver finish,durable high quality fiberglass construction,it brings you a real feeling and better match your clothing to display,display men clothing and clothing accessories.

🔥4).High-end waist and knee protectors for displaying human body parts, high-quality materials, direct sales from manufacturers, simple and stylish, durable and minimalist, elegant shape, bright luster, not easy to fade, flat-cut base, stable as a mountain, not easy to fall

🔥5).Retail Mannequins: Suitable for any type of clothing such as shirts, sportwear,suits,pants, jackets,trousers,coats,waist support props,elbow support props,sleeve,swimwear, blouses and other protected brace props.

🔥6).Light weight and easy to move,It is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

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