Soft black Dog Mannequin, Pet Mannequin, Decorative Dog Sculpture for Boutique Display, Pet Clothes Mannequin

Soft black Dog Mannequin, Pet Mannequin, Decorative Dog Sculpture for Boutique Display, Pet Clothes Mannequin

This is very Luxury Fashion Dog Mannequin Display

The Dog Mannequin Display is made of high-quality Fabric, silk cotton padding material, which gives it a realistic and lifelike appearance. The detailed craftsmanship and natural colors make this dog mannequin an attractive choice for showcasing pet clothing and accessories

This dog mannequin is specifically designed for displaying pet clothing. It stands upright and can easily hold and display various types of pet clothing, including dresses, costumes, and coats. With its realistic appearance, it enhances the visual appeal of the displayed clothing items.

Besides being a functional display stand for pet clothing, this dog mannequin also serves as a decorative sculpture. Its exquisite design and lifelike details add a touch of elegance and charm to any space. It can be placed in a pet store, boutique, or even in your own home as a unique decorative piece. 

Whether You Are A Pet Clothing Manufacturer Or A Designer, Our Dog Models Can Do The Job For You And Display Your Pet Clothing Perfectly, It Is Suitable For Dog Clothing, Pet Clothing In Retail Stores, Pet Stores, Pet Salons, Etc


Product Details:

     Style A:Total Height:40 cm(16 inch)
              Back length:37CM (14.5 inch)
              Base length:62CM(24.4 inch)

     Style B:Total Height:44 cm(17.3 inch)
              Back length:71CM (28 inch)
              Base length:96CM(38 inch)

🔴Color: Black

🔴Material:Fabric, silk cotton padding

 Choose the two functions of dog model ornaments:
1. Can be used as pet clothing, props display
2. Decorate the living room, can be used as model ornaments

Focus on model prop design and development

▲ Important!!!

Terms of Return: Our policy is not accept return goods because our mannequin and display props are ship from China, the Delivery Fee is expensive and we already paid ahead to the logistic company, once each shipment was done, delivery freight can not refund to our company so we can not retun to buyer. But our customer service is always want to do 100% effort to service for each value customer. Should you not be satisfied with the product or just have a change of heart, we will gladly accept the return but must unopened items (If goods used, we can not make second sales) ,so even buyer return the goods,we will minus the shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee, provided that it is within 7 days of your having received the item. Expired will not be refundable!!!(be careful)

The goods are shipped by air door to door, and the shipping time is 12-15 days (including customs clearance fees and taxes). If you want to get the goods faster, you can contact us and we will arrange express delivery for you. , you can receive it within 7-10 days, but customs clearance fees and taxes are not included!!!


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