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De-Liang Dress Forms

DE-LIANG female mannequin, plus size 10 and size 12 dress form for window display, customize velvet display model with wooden arms dummy

DE-LIANG female mannequin, plus size 10 and size 12 dress form for window display, customize velvet display model with wooden arms dummy

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DE-LIANG 2024 newest female half body display mannequin, rose red velvet and white  velvet.
SIZE 12 & SIZE 10 USA size plus size for female coat dress display. 

this is our newest design, because we have many customers who asking about the plus size display mannequin, so we finally work out one size 10 and size 12, this size is popular and a lot of customer like size 10 and size 12 currently, that's why we make both size for display mannequins.

the original mannequin is for tailor dress form, so i change the fabric and without cotton, put the wooden arms and silver square metal base for a new display mannequin,  so it come to a display mannequin with a display cost but standard tailor body size and bust shoulder hip shape, and it's plus size display model , perfect for window display, hope our design can help more and more value customers, because there are no plus size mannequin for display mannequin is very unconvenience, some store sales plus size dress and short and pants for difference size, we should concern about the other size's people. 

i think this is what DE-LIANG's aim, help the market and help more clients to have a difference size mannequin for dress clothes trouse pants shorts display.

let's see  the size as eblow:

Product Details:

🔴Item NumberDL1928---size 12 female half body with brush wooden arms.
Neck Base:14 1/2                              
under bust:32 1/2                        
Shoulder: 15 3/4                     
CF length:15        
CB length:17         
APEX TO APEXT:7 5/8                        
Back Side Width:15                 
total rise:27 1/4                      
thigh:  22 1/2                 
(display mannequin will have +-3cm as without the cotton already)

🔴Item NumberDL1928- --SIZE 10 female half body with brush black wooden arms+silver square base
Bust:36 1/2                      
Under Bust:31                                                 
Waist:27 1/2                       
Hip:37 1/2                      
Shoulder: 15 3/8                   
CF length:14 3/4        
CB length:16 3/4         
Apex to Apex:7 3/8                         
Across Back:14 5/8                 
total Rise:26 1/2                      
Thigh:  21 1/2
(display mannequin will have +-3cm as without the cotton already)

 🔴Color: rose red, white

🔴Base:Square silver base with adjustable pole

🔴Arm:With Wood Arms brush black color, high quality beech wood material

🔴 Neck Cover: Natural Wood Cover , high quality sturdy stainless metal material

 🔴high quality fiberglass material. 

👍NEW plus size 12 and size 10 for window display mannequin, widen shoulder , big hip, standard size. perfect for dress, trouser pants short display. 

👍This female half body mannequin with metal base is our  a very fashionable new product,musk skin velvet cloth,high-grade atmosphere.

👍You can use it to display your products in a window, on a counter, on a tiered display shelf, or on the floor. Ideal for sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, tops and accessories.

👍Light weight and easy to move,it is convenient for you to move the mannequin and suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

👍The metal base is durable enough to serve longer time and strongly support the whole mannequin.

👍Gorgeous appearance and beautiful dress match, can definitely attract a lot of customers for the store.

👍Dressmaker approved, 100% handmade - This fabric cover created by the most experienced dressmaker, and hand picked the soft and durable velvet. It is an aesthetic piece that compliments your most fashionable projects, great for showcase the apparels in retail stores, accessories and jewelries. Easy to replace and change, and machine washable.

▲ Important!!!

Terms of Return: Our policy is not accept return goods because our mannequin and display props are ship from China, the Delivery Fee is expensive and we already paid ahead to the logistic company, once each shipment was done, delivery freight can not refund to our company so we can not retun to buyer. But our customer service is always want to do 100% effort to service for each value customer. Should you not be satisfied with the product or just have a change of heart, we will gladly accept the return but must unopened items (If goods used, we can not make second sales) ,so even buyer return the goods,we will minus the shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee, provided that it is within 7 days of your having received the item. Expired will not be refundable!!!(be careful)

The goods are shipped by air door to door, and the shipping time is 12-15 days (including customs clearance fees and taxes). If you want to get the goods faster, you can contact us and we will arrange express delivery for you. , you can receive it within 7-10 days, but customs clearance fees and taxes are not included!!!

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