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Shopping Mall Window Display Rack,High Grade Clothing Shop Decoration Props Torso, Golden Metal Rack for Shoes and Bags Display

Shopping Mall Window Display Rack,High Grade Clothing Shop Decoration Props Torso, Golden Metal Rack for Shoes and Bags Display

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🔴Product 1--- Shoes Rack

👉Size: Shoes rack 1---length:35 cm(13.8 inch)/width:25 cm(9.8 inch)/height:62 cm(24.4 inch)

Shoes rack 2---length:35 cm(13.8 inch)/width:25 cm(9.8 inch)/height:82 cm(32.3 inch)

Shoes rack 3---length:30 cm(11.8 inch)/width:30 cm(11.8 inch)/height:50 cm(19.7 inch)

Shoes rack 4---length:30 cm(11.8 inch)/width:30 cm(11.8 inch)/height:60 cm(23.6 inch)


👉 Materials:metal/wood

🔴Product 2--- Clothing Rack

👉Size:length:170 cm(66.9 inch)/Base:32 cm(12.6 inch)

👉Color: black marble/ white marble for base,golden color of pole

👉 Materials:1.Ferrous material---The material is hard,stable and load-bearing without deformaion

2.Marble base---Stable structure and stronger load-bearing

3.Hanging clothes display---Simple,beautiful and fashion

4.Round cake clothes hanging rod---Stable structure load-bearing

👍Use gold and white union minimalism, abandon flashy decoration, retain pure practical needs, let the whole space clear and refreshing.

👍Golden, dreamy color and lustre, writing romance and soft beauty, put the good feelings of life.

👍Not kitsch, not frivolous, warm and elegant, everything beautiful just right.

👍Front hanging design -- not restricted by traditional hanging points, you can see the style without removing the clothes.

👍Round cake hanging pole design -- easy to take, delicate and polished, not damaging clothes, delicate and more intimate.

👍Heavy marble base -- 320 mm diameter chassis, large contact surface stable bearing is not easy to shake.

👍Stable iron frame -- quality iron material is made by artificial welding, with stronger bearing capacity. The surface is painted by static electricity in high temperature, so it is not
easy to drop paint and rust

👍Solid round cake hanging rod -- iron base, solid and stable, hollow design, increase the flexibility of hanger

👍Thickened marble base -- the surface texture is clear, the edge is smooth and smooth, and the thickened base makes the hanger more stable

CANADA will have tax fee, about 20USD, if you are not willing to paid tax fee, pls don't place order, as if you reject the parcel and ship back by DHL, we losing a lot of money, tks.

▲ Important!!!

Return Policy: product ship from China and it's our lowest price for new shop, if not quality problem, we can't accept return, as delivery freight is too expensive.(be careful)

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